Hair diagnosis

The hair diagnosis cameras of Perfect Beauty are developed to make hair, skin and scalp diagnosis. Our large range allows us offer the solution that the professional needs, because our appliances incorporate wi-fi, LCD screen and USB connection. Choose the best for you.

Hair Dryers

Because not all the hair dryers are the same. In Perfect Beauty we produce ultra light, powerful and durable hair dryers. Travel dryers, compacts, ionics, different power and attractive styles. Find the hair dryer you need.

Hair Straightener

Professional precision in shape and straight of hair. The range of hair straightener and curling iron of Perfect Beauty guarantees professional results with the maximum respect for your hair. Discover our large range of hair straightener, special irons, compacts and travel hair straightener and curling iron. Products of high design and durability.

Hair Clippers

Just professional hair clippers can give you the efficiency and pecision that you are looking for. As experts in hair solutions, hair clippers represent a large part of our cataogue. Our passion and experience have led us to develop a large range of hair clippers as the Cool Cut line, waterproof, with or without wire; all of them under the demanding quality of Perfect Beauty.


Our aesthetic line reflects clearly the commitment of Perfect Beauty to the beauty. The request of our customers, who demand 360º solutions, has made us in the best ally as aesthetic supplier.

Manicure and pedicure

Find in our manicure and pedicure catalogue the satisfaction of your needs for hands and feet. We have versatile products with a high quality and maximum output at a highly competitive price.