Reference: PBPLA44051
Narrow profesional iron
Designed with very narrow tilting plates, ideal for fringes or short hair. Curl and straight in one pass. Its quality and resistant titanium plates guarantee an even distribution of heat and have the particularity of eliminating the static electricity charge, achieving a much
brighter and softer hair.

- Voltage: 110/240V.
- Frecuency: 50-60Hz.
- Power: 20W.
- Heater MCH.
- Temperature: 150-170-190-210-232ºC.
- 5 Led indicators of temperature.
- Tilting titanium plates.
- Size of plates: 0,75 x 7,5cm.
- 360º wire of 2m.
- Automatic shutdown to 60 min.
- Weight: 150gr.