Reference: PBPLA40067
Ultrasonic-Infrared Haircare Clip Iron Repair
Special hair straightener for reconstruction treatments. The infrared rays are used to cure the damaged hair tissue and stimulate the blood recycle of the hair root so that the hair will be kept more healthier with more nutrition. Magnetic wave vibrating device can gasify the water directly and change the structure of the molecular under normal temperature. With ultrasonic ,the nutrition or pigment are made efficiently absorbed and with the help of far infrared rays, the damaged hair tissue will be recovered directly ,without heating and swelling and with less expansion of hair squama so as to repair the cortex and prevent the hair from forking and being broken,and so that the hair elasticity is enhanced and the nutrition or pigment is fastened.
- Voltage: 110/220 V.
- Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
- Power: 1500 mA.
- Infrared range: 6800 hz (680nm).
- Ultrasonic frequency: 36000 vibration/seg.
- Cordless weight : 270 gr.
- Special of Keratin.