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Reference: PBVAR43264
Ionic brush with massage function.
His technology by means of injection of ions, does that the hair recovers his sheen and is softer to the tact. The static electricity disappears and they help to finish with the curling. The sows of stainless steel of round top are created not to damage the hair and to prevent his break during the brushing. His technology of massage provides a deep relaxation, relieving the tension and the stress, at the same time as it gives to your hair a healthier and voluminous aspect.
A_ IONIC FUNCTION. It detaches million ions. More shine and fewer static electricity from the first pass over . Hair without snarls, soft and brilliant.
B_ IONIC FUNCTION AND OF MASSAGE. The brush vibrates on the hairy leather, stimulating and obtaining a more healthy aspect. It relieves the stress and provides a deep easing.

• Voltage: 5V.
• Frecuency: 50/60hz.
• Power: 2W.
• Charging time: 3,5hrs.
• Using time: 5hrs.
• Led sign.
• 1ª _ Ioinc function.
• 2ª _ Ionic function + vibration.
• 5.600 vibrations per minute.
• Lithium battery: 600mAh.
• Sows of stainless steel.
• Adaptor included.
• Weight: 189gr.