Reference: ZZEST43330
Vaporizer - towel warmer.
It is really accesory for Beauty and Hairdressing Salons. Warm and wet towels in only 15min. Easy to handle, portable and light. Ideal for keeping towels in perfect hygienic conditions.
Special for shaving and beauty treatments.
A_ Barber's shops: the warm and wet towels help to open the pore, to smooth the hair and to relax the zone before and after the shaved one. B_ Face:withdrawing product and opening pores of a natural way. C_ Manicure and pedicure: softening cuticles and withdrawing product. D_ Depilation: ideal to open pores and to prepare the zone to depilating, it softens the down and relaxes the area. E_ Massages: withdrawing product and relaxing joints.

- Voltage: 220-240V.
- Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
- Power: 500W.
- On/Off switch.
- Timer: 15, 30, 45, 60''.
- Safety shut-off.
- Capacity: 3 L.
- Dripping tray.
- Metallic tweezer Included.
- Dimensions: 23*20.5*20cm.
- Weight: 900grs.