Perfect Beauty / VARIOUS / FLOONER 220V


Reference: PBVAR43528
Vacuum clearner orf ground for hair
Special vacuum cleaner for hair, you will be easy to support the clean hairdresser's shop every day. The hair of the soil, the powder and the dirt go towards the base of the device activating the suction by means of infrared sensors. After inhaling the device it will go out automatically. The wastebasket has a function that guarantees that the clean air returns to the room. It includes a switch for manual or automatic managing.
- Voltage: 230V.
- Frecuency: 50-60Hz.
- Power: 1200W.
- Patented technology.
- 3,6L dustbin capacity.
- HEPA filtration.
- Infrared sensors.
- Automatic and manual operation.
- Indicator light.
- Collection bin full.