Perfect Beauty / NAIL CARE / PEACH PARAFFIN · PACK 2 X 500ML


Reference: OZEST42739
Pack 2x 500 ml. Tested under dermatological control.
Paraffin treatments provide a high hydration in the deep layers of the skin. Its effectiveness lies in the mois heat thant transmits, and its results are appreciated in a healthy and soft skin, above all in hands and feet during manicure and pedicure.
Use: Put the paraffin into the paraffin heater and let it melt at 50C / 122F minimum. Test the paraffin temperature before use it to be sure that it is not too hot. If so, let it cool enough. The body parts to be treated (hands or feet) must be properly cleaned. Dip repeatedly hands or feet into the paraffin from 3 to 6 times. Let the product solidifying and then, remove.