Perfect Beauty / EPIL CARE / CERA ROLL-ON · ARGAN 110GRS


Reference: OZEST43286
Tested under dermatological control.
Made with high and constant quality bee’s wax and rosin. Provides maximum effectiveness even with the most unruly hair thanks to its application temperature which allows pores to fully open. Effective use on facial and body hair. The more opaque waxes are creamier and have a smoother starter, with a feeling of pain a little smaller. These would be Chocolate, Creamy pink and black. Crystalline waxes, have more power adhesion with a more powerful starter. Therefore they can provide a bigger sense of pain, but with an almost perfect starter at first. This would be the Natural wax. Blue is intermediate, but the starter and adhesion are strong, the pain sensation is less. These properties can be applied equal to the roll-on and to hot wax. Adding to hot wax the property of flexibility that would be in the following order from highest to lowest: Pink - Chocolate - Blue - Vegetable.