Perfect Beauty / BATISTE / DRY SHAMPOO BLUSH · 200ML


Reference: DLBAT52737
Dry shampoo · “Floral and seductive" BLUSH 200ml.
It Will give you the keys to give your look a floral and flirty look. Quick sprays in your hair will instantly make your hair clean, fresh and full of body and texture.
Fragrance: sandalwood, lily, freesia, orange, and peony.

The fastest and easiest way to get a radiant hair in a few seconds. If you want and extra volume the Batiste Heavenly Volume dry shampoo is made for you. If you need to nourish and brighten our range of care Nourish& Enrich offers you the best solution and if you want to give a special touch to your hair our range with fragrance will be your ally. Choose yours!. The formula of starch without the need for water is the essence of all Batiste dry shampoos. Adapting to the needs of your hair, it goes directly to the excess of fat, helping to eliminate it from the roots. Give hair without shine and life without the change of image it deserves without the need for water. Just spray, massage and comb to your liking!

USE: _Shake energetically the product before using. Pulverize to 30 cm of the roots separating the hair for layers. _ Massage lightly with the fingertip of the fingers to assure you that the roots should be totally covered. _Brush the hair of the root to the tips to eliminate the excess of product and to massage it to obtain the wished style.